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Learning WML & WMLScript

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A ZIP archive containing the following examples is available for download.

File     Description
ex-01-1  Example 1-1.  A Simple WML Example
ex-01-2  Example 1-2.  An Interesting Tag
ex-03-1  Example 3-1.  A Reset Button
ex-03-2  Example 3-2.  Initialization on Entry
ex-03-3  Example 3-3.  Reset on Reentry
ex-04-1  Example 4-1.  A Login Page
ex-04-2  Example 4-2.  Multiple Selection
ex-04-3  Example 4-3.  Mixed Selections
ex-04-4  Example 4-4.  Use of the tabindex Attribute
ex-05-1  Example 5-1.  Displaying a Logo
ex-05-2  Example 5-2.  Displaying Three Images
ex-05-3  Example 5-3.  Timer with name
ex-06-1  Example 6-1.  A Simple Template
ex-06-2  Example 6-2.  A Template with Shadowing
ex-07-1  Example 7-1.  Shopping Basket with Tables
ex-10-1  Example 10-1. Outline of a Function Called from WML
ex-21-1  Example 21-1. WML for Calculator
ex-21-2  Example 21-2. WMLScript for Calculator
ex-21-3  Example 21-3. Final WML for Calculator
ex-21-4  Example 21-4. WML for Battleships
ex-21-5  Example 21-5. WMLScript for Battleships

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