Example files for Web Mapping Illustrated

Chapter 3

p. 28. Image used in gdalinfo example.
vancouver_tif.zip (3MB)

p. 31. Shapefile used in ogrinfo example.
placept_shp.zip (25KB)

p. 32. GML file created by ogr2ogr.
places_gml.zip (32KB)

Chapter 4

p. 40. Example 4-1. A basic mapping file with one layer.
ch4/example_4-1.map (189B)

Chapter 5

p. 63. Figure 5-4. Example hillshade image of northern Minnesota, U.S.A.
figure_5-4.jpg (47KB)

p. 66. Figure 5-6. A Landsat image showing the region around Toronto, Canada.
figure_5-6.jpg (126KB)

Chapter 6

p. 69. Demonstration data files.
workshop.zip (9MB)

p. 78. Satellite image used in Example 6-8.
canada_mosaic_lcc_1000m.tif (9MB)

Chapter 7

p. 94. GML files used in Example 7-1.
airports.gml (6KB)

p. 100. Full resolution Radarsat image from Example 7-7.
can_radar.tif (27MB)

p. 100. Clipped Radarsat image from Example 7-8.
can_radar_clip.jpg (156KB)

Chapter 8

p. 105. Demonstration data files.
workshop.zip (9MB)

p. 117. Global land cover image.
landcover.tif (25MB)

p. 120. Figure 8-17. Digital elevation model image.
hibbing-w (25MB)

Chapter 9

p. 133. Landsat image for Kelowna, Canada.
045025_0100_010703_l7_743_utm10.tif (81MB)

p. 133. Exported/clipped Landsat image.
kelowna.tif (5MB)

p. 136. Reprojected Kelowna image.
kelowna_ll.tif (5MB)

p. 139. Digitized home point location shape file.
home.shp (514B)

p. 144. Digitized road line shape file.
roads.shp (730B)

p. 145. Base map from WMS source.
msrm_wms.jpg (190KB)

p. 145. Figure 9-13. Rapidfire image of fires in Pacific Northwest US/Canada.
PacificNW.A2003245.2055.250m.jpg (4MB)

p. 147. Okanagan Mountain Park fire image.
okanagan_ast_2003245_lrg.jpg (3MB)

p. 148. Digitized fire polygon.
fire_area.shp (754B)

Chapter 10

p. 152. FreeGIS country boundary datasets.
countries_simpl.shp (930KB)
countries.shp (17MB)

p. 154. Example 10-2. A basic map file with one layer and showing the object start and end lines.

p. 156. Output from shp2img using Example 10-2.
mymap.png (8KB)

p. 158. Example 10-4. Adding labels to a map.
global.map (MB)
mymap.png (284B)

p. 161. Example 10-6. Color theming a map by creating multiple CLASS objects in a map file.
example6b.png (5KB)

p. 165. Example 10-7/10-8. Embedding a legend in a map.
mymap.png (5KB)

p. 167. Figure 10-8. A legend image created by the legend command.

p. 167. Example 10-9. Adding scale-bar settings to the map file.
mymap.png (5KB)

p. 169. Figure 10-10. A simple scale-bar graphic produced by a map file and the scalebar utility.
scalebar.png (317B)

p. 169. Example 10-10. The final map file with all the changes and updates shown.

Chapter 11

p. 208. Figure 11-17. A reference map image.
keymap.png (11KB)