Head First PHP & MySQL

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1. It's Alive: Add Life to Your Static Pages
2. How It Fits Together: Connecting to MySQL
3. Creating Your Own Data: Create and Populate a Database
4. Your Application on the Web: Realistic and Practical Applications
5. When a Database Just Isn't Enough: Working With Data Stored in Files
6. Assume They're All Out to Get You: Securing Your Application
7. Remember Me?: Building Personalized Web Apps
7.5. Sharing is Caring: Eliminate Duplicate Code
8. Harvesting Data: Control Your Data, Control Your World
9. Better Living Through Functions: String and Custom Functions
10. Rules for Replacement: Regular Expressions
11. Drawing Dynamic Graphics: Visualizing Your Data... and More!
12. Interfacing to the World: Syndication and Web Services

Example Web Sites

Make Me Elvis (This web property is no longer maintained by O'Reilly)

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