Examples for HTML5 for Publishers

Demo the following HTML5 features in your browser:

HTML5 Canvas Graphing Calculator
Graph linear algebraic equations on the Canvas
HTML5 Canvas Finger Painting
Draw your own "Finger Painting" on the Canvas
HTML5 Geolocated Tale
Read an excerpt of a short story, geolocated for your current locale
HTML5 Audio-Enabled Glossary
Browse a short glossary, and click on the terms to hear their pronunciation.
HTML5 Video Demo
Watch a short excerpt of HTML5 Video that illustrates HTML5 Canvas
MathML Quadratic Equation Solver
Solve quadratic equations, modeled with MathML
SVG Coloring Book
Color an SVG drawing of "sleepy cat"
SVG Pie Chart
Explore an interactive SVG pie chart, powered by NVD3.js
Ebook Pop Quiz
Test your (e)Production knowledge with a pop quiz implemented with CSS3